Rosa Orrantia

An avant-garde heritage

Rosa Orrantia is the owner of Persuade, one of the world’s top fashion boutiques located in Bilbao.

Breaking the boundaries of convention

Solo Office

Ideas are intangible; they have led us to design cities and establish ways of life from the beginning of time. They have no boundaries, and those which we attribute to them are often artifices that we imposed upon ourselves, so long ago that our minds have forgotten.

Rooftop Smokehouse

The many flowers of smoke

It started in Barcelona, when a group of friends who missed the food from their home countries, began to cook.

Espacio 88

Architecture, Coffee and An Open Door

The building located at Pamplona St. No.88 used to be a warehouse and storage space covered in graffiti.

Solo Houses

Building houses with Christian Bourdais

We drove for two hours through the grape vines that surround either side of the highway down to Tarragona, ascending the the mountain range and the Parc Natural Els Ports.

Palau de Casavells

Interview to Luis and Jacobo

They met three years ago through common friends, and soon after decided to set up a business that joined their different interests together.

Niki Robinson

Her home, her work, her parties, her airbnb

Niki and her boyfriend Joe have a wonderful house in Raval, that regularly rents out rooms, but this is no ordinary stay.

In residence at Can Lis

The home of Architect Jørn Utzon, Mallorca

This building is modern, yet had the feeling of a roman bath house, ancient, and set to its cliff top position like it had been there for the last thousand years.

Casa Gomis, La Ricarda

El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona

Designed by architect Antonio Bonet Castellana (1913-1989), disciple and collaborator of José Luis Sert and Le Corbusier, for the marriage of Agnes Bertrand and Ricardo Gomis.

Oficio Studio

Leather, love, etc.

The story of Melia Carranza and David Iglesias is like an screenplay with all the ingredients for box-office success: a girl goes to fix her bike at boy’s workshop and so begins a love story.