Selected by Openhouse, design 12

Stepping back to a simpler life

Inspired by the poem of Octavio Paz, La Vida Sencilla [The Simple Life], in this issue we dive into the stories of people who have taken a step back into their lives and practices with sterling results.

Encouraged by these stories, such as Palácio do Grilo, Château L’Autre Borde, Jaume Roig and Casa Josephine, Openhouse undertakes the same exercise and reconsiders the interior spaces with a responsive palette that activates calm and quietness. But also, speaking volumes —literally, following curves and lines, magnifying the shapes and making it welcoming, open and flexible enough to support and inspire the individualities. 

We’ve considered pieces that might fill that space.

1BAXTER LAGO. This residence of the early twentieth century at Como Lake, where time has stopped, is the magnificient environment to discover Baxter's new collection. A perfect setting to describe the values of the company to all the guests visiting it by walking through the Gothic and Renaissance architectures that define the town where the house-showroom is located. BRAND: BAXTER, 2022.

From a translation of Octavio Paz, La Vida Sencilla [The Simple Life], 1945.   

Call the bread and make it appear

on the tablecloth the daily bread;

give sweat its due and give sleep

and to the brief paradise and to hell

and to the body and to the minute what they ask for;

laugh like the sea laughs, the wind laughs,

without laughter sounding like broken glass;

drink and in drunkenness seize life,

dance the dance without losing a step,

touch the hand of a stranger

on a day of stone and pain

and that hand had the firmness

that he did not have the friend’s hand.

1RUTE. The Rute sofa is one of the firsts pieces designed by Casa Josephine Studio. Inspired by the interiors of luxury apartments from the 70s, the Rute sofa indulges in the pleasure of contrast, mixing stainless steel, mirror and velvet, which make this piece a versatile design suitable for both warm and cold spaces. It can be customised with different fabrics to adapt to its final context. DESIGNER: CASA JOSEPHINE, 2021
1CONGRUOUS. Congruous forms part of The Poetry of Place, a collection of four gift kits with a green and citrus infused aromatic profile. Housed in a case amde from 100% recycled paper pulp, the moulded shape evokes the form of Aesop Downtown LA store, whose tubular walls, inspired by the cardboard containers used by Hollywood costumers, are found replicated in the outer casing of Congruous. The full collection will arrive to Aesop signature stores in November 2022.
1STOOL AG01 Studio Corkinho designs limited editions of objects and furniture, creating contemplative atmospheres for interiors and micro-architecture.The aim of this Belgian studio founded by the interior designer Cédric Etienne, is to ennoble reclaimed cork bark. The Stool AG01 is made from 100% organic cork bark leftovers. The cork is slightly burnt before pressing to get its particular colour and finish and, afterwards, it is varnished with a thin layer for protection to ensure durability. DESIGNER: CÉDRIC ETIENNE BRAND: STUDIO CORKINHO YEAR: 2020
1BILANCIA FLAT PLATE This collection stands out for its range of colour: browns, greens, oranges and maroons. Bianca plates reassert the vernacular of historical forms and colours as a source of inspiration. In the words of the brand's founder Jay Vosoghi: “Colour is life and emotion.” BRAND R+D.LAB YEAR 2020
1ARRAN PYRAMID This homeware luxury blanket is the result of gentle brushing using specially grown teasels. Woven with 100% supersoft cashmere, it’s been finished with a unique ripple effect, ideal for draping over the back of your sofa and folding neatly at the foot of your bed. DESIGNER: BEGG & CO YEAR: 2022
1BLISS ROUND IN FOREST Designed in 2017 for cc-tapis, Bliss is now available in two new colour combinations: sand and forest, created by Dutch designer Mae Engelgeer. A new combination that started by keeping the playfulness of the Memphis movement in mind and experimenting with shape and colour. DESIGNER: MAE ENGELGEER BRAND: CC-TAPIS YEAR: 2021
1DORA VASE, TOGRUL TABLE AND PIGRECO CHAIR Pablo and Dora vases are a tribute to Picasso and Dora Maar. With Togrul, designer Gordon Guillaumier goes beyond the limits creating the perfect synthesis of energy and solidity. Tobia Scarpa's Pigreco chair, originally designed in 1972 has been reissued by Tacchini, whose new version has been granted with a German Design Award. DESIGNER: STUDIOPEPE, GORDON GUILLAUMIER AND TOBIA SCARPA BRAND: TACCHINI YEAR: 2020, 2021, 2022
1DURANGO CHAIR The Durango collection was born as part of a comprehensive interior design for a house in El Pedregal, Mexico City. Made of purple-pink stem woven with paper rope, its design is inspired by the popular Mexican chair of mestizo origin with a seat in tule, a vernacular characteristic of Mexican furniture, and more specifically from Toluca and Tenancingo regions. DESIGNER: HABITACIÓN 116 YEAR: 2020
1ESGRIMAS “A bouquet of flowers remains in a corner of the fencing class. The sum of many fencing achieves the union of these sensual and eternal curves.” With this inspirational sentence, Agrippa invites us to be seduced by this splendid console available in three standard sizes. DESIGNER: AGRIPPA BRAND: STUDIO FENICE YEAR: 2009
1THE CLOUD OF COLOURS Weekend Max Mara Fall Winter Collection is inspired by the key role colours play in our everyday life. They influence thoughts and choices that are often given for granted, articulating the way we act and move. BRAND: WEEKEND MAX MARA YEAR: 2022