Luca Longobardi and the House Concert

The group turned into an audience by the simple fact of sharing the wait for the music, winds up exchanging opinions, drinking and reading short stories.

Casa Canvas

We are open

Thayse Viegas & Maurizio Bergo decided to turn their private home into a innovative art gallery & design studio aiming at promoting emerging talents.

Masseria Moroseta

New traditions

Sharing the local traditions and Italian passion for simple living and quality of life.

Cinema Flora

Catching a film with Attilio and Paola

Apart form the orange sign above the door, which clearly says cinema, you wouldn’t think at all that is what we’re looking for, hidden among the old farmers’ houses.


Unifying Past and Present

There has never been such a place in Florence. Artists and visitors have flowed in and out of the cradle of the Renaissance for centuries, without any place to mingle together with locals that is quite like Numeroventi.