Issue 21

Valentin Loellmann

Building Utopia

Valentin revitalizes his studio, expressing his precise approach and sensitivity, shaping a vibrant creative community.

Casa Copas

The sanctuary of truth

“I've never been in an architectural space that replicates the feeling of taking a nap in the shade of a tree and feeling the breeze”.

Palazzo Martinengo

Art for living

The reception rooms of a palazzo have been transformed into a home where the contemporary and the classical are in perfect harmony.

Rosemary Marrakech

Treasures behind hidden doors

Combining traditional crafts with contemporary design, Belgian roots with Moroccan light and colors, lies Rosemary the intimate riad.

Order, play and chaos

The Live Editorial of Charlotte Taylor at Side Gallery

This is the first 'live editorial' by Openhouse. An installation by Charlotte Taylor that reinterprets what we call home in an imposing setting: Side Gallery.

Introducing Issue Nº21

In Praise of Folly

In his essay “Praise of Folly”, first printed in 1511, Erasmus of Rotterdam likened madness to the dawn of a new day, when warmth follows the chill of winter; to spring, when everything takes on a fresh visage, a new hue, and is once again imbued with youth.