Andrew Trotter

Andrew Trotter is an English Interior Designer raised in Australia and the co-founder of Openhouse magazine.

Blaire Dessent

Blaire Dessent is a writer and editor specialising in design, craft, art and lifestyle. She is currently based in Mallorca, where she is also the co-owner of a small creative concept shop that presents work by contemporary artists and makers.

Carissa Díaz Alemán

Carissa Díaz is a Puerto Rican multidimensional creative based in Barcelona. With an academic background in advertising, her creative passions have led her to the realms of photography, editorial design, and copywriting.

Chloë Ashby

Chloë Ashby lives and works in London. She has written about art and culture for The Times, Guardian, frieze and others, and she is the author of two novels: Wet Paint (2022) and Second Self (2023).

Chris Mottalini

Chris Mottalini is a photographer based in New York City. Mottalini’s atmospheric architectural and still life photographs have been widely published/commissioned and internationally exhibited.

Clara Quintana Studio

This creative studio is specialized in creative and art direction, branding, and concept development in spaces with one clear mission: building inspiring, relevant, and meaningful brands that bring their clients coherence and resilience throughout a holistic vision of the brand strategy, design and creativity.

DePasquale + Maffini

Martina Maffini and Michael DePasquale share work and adventures. Passionate about design and architecture, they travel the world looking for stories to be told. Originally from Italy and United States, they now live in Paris.

Fabian Martínez

Fabian Martinez is a photographer and visual artist based in Mexico City. As a photographer, Fabian is known for his particular style, elegant, simple and often melancholic.

Fernando Farfán

Fernando Farfán is a graphic designer and photographer based in Mexico City.

Florian Kleinsteuber

Florian Kleinsteuber is owner of Frankfurt-based creative office Bureau Paniert. He focuses primarily on storytelling, and an emphasis on strategy, planning and production.

Forde Visser

Linda Swanson (aka Forde Visser) is an artist, writer, educator; she currently teaches at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. Her art practice, the Forde Visser Archive, is a conceptually performative archive physically based in Venice, California.

Franz Galo

Franz Galo is a French filmmaker and photographer based in London. His passion for images and storytelling led him to win multiple awards with documentaries and short films about inspiring people he met through his travels. He founded in 2020, a creative agency and production company focused on luxury brands and culture.

Gabriela Zea Nadal

Gabriela Zea Nadal is an author, researcher and producer of multiformat portraits: whether it is a text, an image or a film. is the BCN based cultural journalism project that has kept her busy in the past years.

Gabriele Bortoluzzi

Gabriele Bortoluzzi is an Italian freelance photographer with an architecture background, currently based in Venice. He is specialised in architecture and interior photography.

Giulia Bortoluzzi

Giulia Bortoluzzi graduated in contemporary philosophy and specialized in art curating. She is an author and editor for art and design publications, university lecturer in Phenomenology of Contemporary Art and curator for public and private spaces.


GUIRADO is a multidisciplinary design studio established in Barcelona. They have been in charge of the Openhouse design for years.

Inma Buendía

Inma Buendía is a Basque journalist who currently lives in Barcelona. She writes for Openhouse magazine and handles the press and communication for several cultural projects.

Jared Frank

Jared Frank is a California-based interior designer best known for the nightclub Tenants of the Trees and the eclectic homes he designs for film stars, music producers, museum curators and other members of LA's creative class.

Kacie McGeary

Hailing from the foothills of Northern California, Kacie is a writer and an editor who's worked on everything from quarterly surf magazines to art books, novels, lookbooks, city guides, and shoddily printed zines.

Lucy Baluteig

Lucy Baluteig is a French writer & entrepreneur based in Rio de Janeiro. A tireless polyglot traveler and passionate story-teller, she lived in many different countries which brought her into becoming a fine portraitist. She’s convinced discovering a city is about understanding its people which is the focus of her latest project.

Mari Di Pilla

Mari Di Pilla is a Brazilian-Italian journalist based in Milan who loves fashion, art, music and her dog Lupi.

Mari Luz Vidal

Mari Luz Vidal is a Barcelona based freelance photographer. She is the co-founder and editor of Openhouse magazine.

Maria Teresa Furnari

Maria Teresa Furnari is an Italian photographer based in Milan, focused on interior design and portrait.

Marieke Verdenius

Marieke Verdenius is an Amsterdam-based photographer focussed on interior, crafts, food and living. She also co-founded The Gatherists: a series of small gatherings to (re-)connect like-minded creatives.

Marina Denisova

Marina Denisova is a Florence based editorial and commercial photographer specialising in interior, fashion, travel and lifestyle subjects.

Martina Matencio

Martina Matencio's photography lives in the subtitles of emotions such as nostalgia and melancholia. Her Hallmark is the use of natural light and shadows mainly reflected on the female body. Calmness and tranquility are essential in her creative process. They allow her to be carried away by what she feels at the moment.

Mary Gaudin

Mary Gaudin is a New Zealand photographer based in France.

Melissa Koller

Melissa Koller is a Slovak national and Hungarian native speaker, based in Barcelona, specialising in Fashion Marketing and Communication with interest in art and a passion for the creative industries.

Michael Gardner

Michael Gardner is a freelance writer and editor. He is originally from Des Moines, Iowa and currently lives in Antwerp, Belgium. He has written several art and design books and his personal essays have been published in various American literary journals and anthologies.

Nicolás Cañellas

Nicolás Cañellas, a graphic designer turned 3D artist & director, founded Spot Studio in Barcelona as a contemporary creative studio. Known for their visionary compositions, Spot Studio excels in blending light and 3D design to create immersive visuals that challenge traditional boundaries of storytelling and design.

Paul Mpagi Sepuya

Paul Mpagi Sepuya is a Los Angeles-based artist working in photography through the media of prints, bookmaking and installation.

Read McKendree

Read McKendree is an interiors, architectural and hospitality photographer. His work has taken him around the world, but it is the salt air and shingled homes of New England that inspire him most.

Reemé Idris

Reeme is an Irish-Sudanese freelance content writer from London with a background in event production and fashion styling.

Ricard López

Specialized in filming and photography, Ricard López is a freelance contributor based in Mallorca where he finds his inspiration, seeking to surround himself with the wonders of nature: "I get lost in beauty and try to capture it, but if it eludes me, I capture it with my mind"

Robert Rieger

Robert Rieger is a freelance photographer living in Berlin and working worldwide. He focuses primarily on portrait and editorial photography, with his approach relying decidedly on the use of natural light.

Salva López

Salva López is one of the most renowned design and architecture photographers worldwide. He's been contributing to Openhouse magazine since the very first issue.

Sanda Vuckovic

Born in Yugoslavia and living in Lisbon, Portugal for the last two decades. She is a freelance photographer passionate about natural light, shades and textures.

Soraia Martins

Soraia Martins is a freelance creative writer and translator living and working in Lisbon. She is mostly a daydreamer who loves to listen to great stories and write about them.

Thibault De Schepper

Thibault De Schepper is a lifestyle and interior photographer based in Antwerp. He also does some writing and styling.

Toby Mitchell

Toby Mitchell is a freelance photographer based in the U.K. between Somerset and London. His work revolves around the genres of lifestyle, travel, interior and portraiture.

Toon Anthoni

Toon Anthoni lives and works in Antwerp (Belgium) as an screenwriter at Geronimo, a film and television production company.

Victor Stonem

Dominican photographer specializing in interiors, travel, and still life. His beloved subjects encompass arches, palm trees, antiquities, art objects, and nature. He strives to unveil beauty in the imperfections of daily life, in the layers of a place and oft-forgotten moments.