Issue 18

Stepping back to a simpler life

Openhouse undertakes the same exercise and reconsiders the interior spaces with a responsive palette that activates calm and quietness.

Pernille Vest

For the interior stylist Pernille Vest, one thing has always led to another: fashion design to interiors, commercial work and editorial projects.

Palácio do Grilo

A dream within a dream

Palácio do Grilo is open to everyone—an inspired and inventive home for the arts and everyone who chooses to enter this world of wonders.

Finn Juhl

A house in total harmony

Finn Juhl’s own home provides an exceptional opportunity to get close to him and understand the unique qualities of his talent.

The Château de la Haute Borde

An artistic haven in the Loire Valley

Located in the Loire Valley, renowned for its vineyards and landscapes, the result is the Château de la Haute Borde.

The Accidental Perfectionism of Wolfgat

A meal at Wolfgat still has an innovative, almost accidental, and unscripted charm that is hard to describe.

The Schneiberg Museum

From the Forbidden City to the City of Magic

The largest collection of imperial carpets from the Qing dynasty has recently found a new home at the Schneiberg Museum.

Schweikher House

An Integration of Eastern and Western Sensibilities

At the end of a gravel driveway on an empty field in Schaumburg, Illinois, an elongated wooden house sits shrouded in suburban terrain.

A rising inspiration

Studio Fenice

Studio Fenice is not only a new professional project, but it has become a home and a whole aesthetic universe.

A Precious Casket

Villa Necchi Campiglio

Opened to the public in 2008, Villa Necchi Campiglio in fact houses three important collections donated to the FAI.

Surveying a Secret

Georg Kolbe Museum

In a city known for its burgeoning art scene, the Georg Kolbe Museum flies surprisingly under the radar.

Casa Puuc

When space speaks

Casa Puuc, as you see it now, has been an aesthetical conversation between the architect Manuel Amabilis, Francisco Fernández Orozco and Claudia Fernández.

Caring for the Space Within


Removing the pressures to become, achieve and pretend, My Inner Health Club offers something as radical as it is simple.

Gairnshiel Lodge

Pure and simple

There’s something moon-like about the landscape surrounding Gairnshiel Lodge.

Iker Ochotorena

Perfect emptiness

The simple – but not banal – look of OOAA’s projects is a clear reflection of this Basque architect’s character.

Jaume Roig

Synthesized nature

Clay has always been a part of Jaume Roig’s life. Born and raised in Mallorca, his mother became a potter to support her two young sons.

Casa Carvajal

Of concrete and skin

Just like another member of the family, Carvajal House has held great sway over the Martínez-Rodríguez de Acuña family.

Relics of a Bygone Era

The Story Behind Jamb

After building a reputation with the world’s leading architects and designers, Jamb is now synonymous with the English Country House style.

Casa Josephine

What the heart decides

Casa Josephine has turned into a business spanning many other aspects. The most important activity is the interior design studio.

​​Heirs of craft design

Pedro García

Pedro García, creative director of the firm that bears his name works with the precision and commitment that the task of dressing our feet entails.


Altet in Valencian refers to a low mountain. This rattan chair was one of the first peaks that Expormim would reach during the first years of its existence.

Landy Rakoto

The daily exceptional

Ceramist and potter Landy Rakoto works at the top floor of an 18th century house adjacent to the Chateau de Brissac.

The Simplicity

Introducing Issue Nº18

In this issue we dive into the stories of people who have taken a step back into their lives and practices with sterling results.