Selected by Openhouse, design 5

Snapshots, Maps and Time

Atlas, album. When we look closer, turning the pages, they are assembled with photos of our embodied moments, or with the abstracted mapping of geographic features; both animated by routes of time. There are external social indicators that try to guide us on our particular journey: ‘You are here’ we are sometimes told. ‘The destination is to your right’, among others. 

1LE TAPIS NOMADE Handmade in Nepal, Le Tapis Nomade is a rug born from the collaboration between cc-tapis and Atelier de Troupe which embodies different cultures, identities and cinematographic references. DESIGNERS CC-TAPIS & ATELIER DE TROUPE
1BATTUS THROW Part of MENU Cocoon Textile Collection, the luxurious Battus Throw is made from the finest quality materials. Danish architects and designers Mathias Mentze and Alexander Ottenstein joined forces with textile expert Marie-Louise Rosholm to create this ideal cosy companion within living or bedroom spaces. DESIGNER: MATHIAS MENTZE, ALEXANDER OTTENSTEIN & MARIE-LOUISE ROSHOLM. BRAND: MENU

The journey, however, is much more complex. You can be here, but your head can be somewhere else. Or you may have arrived at that place by mistake. The road is like time, it is never exactly the same for others or for oneself. Where once there was a border dividing two states, today there may be only one nation. And in the same way, where there was a common space, perhaps several smaller communities are now settling.

1BRIGITTE Curvy, plump and comfortable shapes, Brigitte is a polish plume leather sofa with rigorous lines that gives intense comfort. The large seat cushions are supported by two side armrests that make it almost an iconic piece of the 70s. DESIGNERS: DRAGA & AUREL BRAND: BAXTER

The truth is that as human beings, we need to have a home to return to. A space to surround ourselves with those objects that define us, where you can find respite from the demands of our path and in which a kind of album is configured that explains who we are, where we come from and bets on guessing. where we go.

1MEDIAN 1: PENDANT New York based studio Apparatus signs this piece where the translucent alabaster planes are intersected by a fluted brass form, referencing traditional middle eastern jewelry and pushing it through a futurist lens. DESIGNER: APPARATUS STUDIO
1LOS TRES DESEOS Sculpted stools series made of marble from the region of Carrara, in Italy by Pietro Franceschini, the architect and designer based in New York and Florence. DESIGNER: PIETRO FRANCESCHINI. BRAND: CORSANINI
“Our new feature, "Selected", attempts to share even more informal personal snapshots...more "look at this" rather than "let me tell you"...the objects of our daily life, to which we go to reflect, rest or remember.”
1BUNKER CANDLE HOLDER By focusing on architecture, ancient arts and design, defense buildings (bunkers and fortresses) and tribal arts, Arno Declercq creates pieces like the Bunker Candle Holder made in burned and waxed oak. The idea is to recover the image of the interiors the people had in big houses over 100 years ago with big vases and candlesticks. DESIGNER: ARNO DECLERCQ
1THE MUSE Oil on linen canvas, rabbit glue. 200 x 140 x 3 cm Ileana Moro’s artworks are recognized mainly for her painting in dark tones wanting to expose the depths and layers of experiences as an instinctive relationship to the invisible things and the emotions buried within her daily life. ARTIST: ILEANA MORO
1ZELESTE Inspired by an Art Déco design, Zeleste is reminiscent of Barcelona nightlife, with a story that takes us back to the early seventies. Its peculiarity is determined by the material it is made of: alabaster, a translucent stone that gives a very special warmth. DESIGNER: ÁNGEL JOVÉ, SANTIAGO ROQUETA. BRAND: SANTA & COLE

If the dictionary defines an atlas as ‘a collection of maps, mainly geographical maps in the form of a book or notebook’, and an album as
‘a blank book in which photographs, stamps or other similar objects are kept’.

1PACHA LOUNGE CHAIR Iconic designer Pierre Paulin’s vision of the Pacha Lounge Chair was to create a sensation of ‘sitting on clouds’. A little ahead of its time in 1975, the modular Pacha Collection is finally coming into its own today as GUBI reissues this timeless and characterful collection. DESIGNER: PIERRE PAULIN. BRAND: GUBI
1CÚBICO DE PARED Handmade floor lantern with thick copper plates. These lanterns are designed and handmade in Madrid and are the synthesis of reflections on light, geometry and climate in the gardens of the studio that Fernando Caruncho directs with his two sons. The collection of copper lanterns is born from the need to illuminate gardens and interiors in a discreet, durable and timeless way. DESIGNER: CARUNCHO GARDENS OF LIGHT

Openhouse attempts to map far-flung, but personal stories into the form of a magazine—perhaps itself a kind of atlas-album. Our new feature, “Selected”, attempts to share even more informal personal snapshots…more “look at this” rather than “let me tell you”…the objects of our daily life, to which we go to reflect, rest or remember.

1THE PABLO ARMCHAIR The outdoor version of the Pablo armchair by Vincent Van Duysen, breathes life into a series that includes an armchair in two depths, sofa, and footrest. The soul of the project lies in the wood frame, which for Pablo Outdoor is made of teak, the ideal material for outdoors. DESIGNER: VINCENT VAN DUYSEN. BRAND: B&B ITALIA