Quincoces-Dragò, design 8


Written by Inma Buendía

When I approach the work of the Quincoces-Dragò studio, the idea that comes immediately to my mind associates qualities such as care, precision or excellence. These concepts are manifested by another common to them all: Passion. David Quincoces and Fanny Dragò have been advocating the commandments of design for more than a decade, but without letting themselves be carried away by trends. Each project is a different journey, explains Fanny. “In our interiors we work with the context as the main inspiration. We feel that doing so is necessary to respect the past of a space and its ‘genius loci'”. And it is precisely in their personal and professional context where we want to immerse ourselves through the pieces that both have selected as part of their history.


You have made a selection of pieces that are important in your life journey. What kind of fetish piece is that platonic love of puberty that you’re in love with but haven’t been able to get yet?

There are so many! Jean Prouve’s demountable house, Marie Pergay sofa, Eileen Grey’s apartment, a Donald Judd sculpture or a Chillida drawing! The list goes on and on….

1UCHIWA III WALL LAMP  This is such a classic in design it cannot go unnoticed. Extremely unpretentious yet so effective, it demonstrates Maurer's genius at its best. Taking an object and transforming it with a certain irony and charm is so unique to his style. DESIGNER: INGO MAURER, 1973. BRAND: DESIGN M
1PASSION FLOWER  We also found these originals through Alma. Nature plays such a fundamental part of our work, as a key source of inspiration, that we've always been attracted to these pieces as they represent the elegance of nature so well (we have 4). They are always relevantand contemporary. PHOTOGRAPHER: KARL BLOSSFELDT

What is the first thing you notice when you arrive in a place? Why is that important to you?

The atmosphere – whether a place has a soul or not and whether it’s coherent throughout.. no matter the look or feeling – we’re not as interested in a specific aesthetic – as we are in the coherence of it, meaning; every taste and style can be beautiful, as long as it tells a story that makes sense- a personal journey that has a clear path.. If it lacks this then it’s less appealing – even if “perfect” aesthetically..

1SILVER TEA TOP  Sylvia stave's work has always been a huge inspiration. It is simple and direct - and perfect in its combination of materials and proportions. DESIGNERS: SYLVIA STAVE
1SPIRALE ASHTRAY This is one of our favorite objects, so simple but pure genius in its design, like most of Castiglioni's work, who is always an enormous source of inspiration. DESIGNER: ACHILLE CASTIGLIONI. BRAND: ALESSI
1LES ARCS CHAIR Charlotte Perriand was such a great designer in so many ways - always inspiring to look at even beyond her work within design. This chair is so bold it works and inspires any interior without having to take center stage.  DESIGNERS: CHARLOTTE PERRIAND, 1960

What can’t be missing in a space to be able to call it home?

Personal collections. As mentioned above – a home is interesting and welcoming through the story it tells, the more layers it has the better – and there is no better way of layering than through special objects collected through time. Whether art, books, knick knacks… these details are more special perhaps than those of the designer behind the space.

116 ANIMALI This is one of the most special gifts we received for our daughter Uma's birth. DESIGNER: ENZO MARI, 1957 BRAND: DANESE MILANO
1DAVID MURPHY SCULPTURE A lot of our artwork comes from the advice of Alma Zevi, a dear friend and expert. She introduced us to David Murphy's work and we are so attached to it, the delicacy and strength of the sculpture is very special to me. DESIGNER: DAVID MURPHY

One of the elements that abound in your projects are the plants. How is the process of choosing them?

Yes sometimes! David loves plants and taking care of them. It’s a daily ritual healthy for everyone. The selection is personal to the client but we chose together (but exterior and interior plants) that thrive in their environment

1FAUCETS HELM This is one of those items that David designed as if he were designing simply for our family home: for our house in the making - in pantelleria. It is inspired by nautical items, as pantelleria is so strongly connected to the sea, and has become meaningful to us in this way.  DESIGNER: DAVID QUINCOCES BRAND: ZUCCHETTI KOS
1TEXTILES: HAND TOWEL Because craftsmanship is so important to us, textiles also play a valuable role, especially if it has small details and embroidery. Like everything in a house, they are part of telling the story of those who live there, and Chiara stella's work compliments anyone's story so well, always in a personal unique manner.  DESIGNER: CHIARASTELLA CATTANA
1ART DECO DESK LAMP This is by far my favorite set of lamps ever designed. Created in 1925 for the paris expo, each design is timeless - a true masterpiece. DESIGNER: MARCEL BREUER BRAND: THE PARIS
1SIX GALLERY CONSOLLE This is one of our favorite pieces of our collection - it clearly has David's essential design - but with a bit of a different approach that speaks of both of our methods of working. DESIGNER: QUINCOCES BRAND: SIX GALLERY

What material, color, structure have you discovered in recent times that has fascinated you?

We always look at nature for inspiration – the more natural the material the better – the more it ages the better – so we are very faithful to our classic choices, wood metal and cane – I’m however also very attracted to glass – obsessed with Murano! And recently with resins – they are so seductive.

1MAURITARIAN MAT Using leather and palm, they create intricate patterns that are incredibly beautiful and timeless - Altai gallery in Milan has a selection we always go back to that is so special and unexpected.
1GREEN SOFA The material combination is what we most love about this piece. The leather which will age in a very specific way vs- the "freshness" of the light upholstery. We believe one's pieces for one's home should last a lifetime, and this sofa has been designed with this idea in mind: To age gracefully. DESIGNER: DAVID QUINCOCES BRAND: LIVING DIVANI

Our new issue is entitled Atlas, Album, Place. Concerning it, Which country would you choose as your particular Atlas? What is the last memory you recorded on your private album? And if you had to choose a place to be right now, What would that place be?

Italy would most likely be it – of course somewhere more distant would be intriguing – like Nepal, or India where we would love to travel now -but our own personal story is intrinsically linked to Italy which has so much to offer so why not it? The last memory recorded on our private album is the birth of our second daughter Ava – just a few weeks ago! And right now we would love to be in Pantelleria – our special island.

1COSTELA CHAIR HAUNER EDITION TACCHINI The way the chair works as a shell to its cushion is really beautiful - a timeless piece that works in any setting. DESIGNER: MARTIN EISLER BRAND: TACCHINI
1VENINI GLASS YALI We're both incredible admirers of Italian craftsmanship and believe that the skill you see in Murano is unlike anything else in the world. It is magical and hypnotic. Yali glass really brings this out in the final product, which is so delicate and precious yet holds a strong presence whilst remaining elegant. BRAND: YALI