27 87 Per sē

No Scent like the Present

Photos courtesy of Maison Yy

We all know that the air carries thousands of particles that we do not know, that we do not see but subconsciously our senses may perceive. There is a fragrance born from the combination of all these particles which, like the air that surrounds us, is transformed in every moment, adapting, mutating and even holding a sense of existence, when coming into contact with the materia.

‘Per sē’ is the olfactive translation of a strong belief: There is No Scent Like the Present. Utilizing dance as a medium, two choreographers perform the present moment, the ephemeral, and the contemporary in the film ‘How Long is Now?’. The piece curated by 27 87 with the aim of evoking the soul of its latest fragrance, reflects about time delving into the ephemeral nature of the present moment. 


The artistic expression comes from the coexistence with that constant change, as well as from confrontation with the fear and the surrender to the unknown. Eduardo Chillida found in the word aroma [scent] a way to express his artistic intuition; a fragrance whose trace guided his steps throughout his career. He, together with sculptor Jorge Oteiza were the firsts artists searching for meaning out of the emptiness, a quest on space and time, variables only perceptible in its dialogue with objects and humans.

Designed to flow and be influenced by the dynamism of change, the essence of ‘Per sē’ remains in constant lines. Just as time never stops, neither does ‘Per sē’. The new fragrance from 27 87, embraces the movement, the mutation, as the only constant factor in the world we know.


Seven years on 27 87’s path brings the mature and bold patina needed to create ‘Per sē’, explains Romy Kowalewski, founder of the firm: “For a scent to be called modern, it must also change over time. We are always evolving, so it would make no sense to claim that our scent is modern if it doesn’t change with us. Either you go with the times, or you go with time.”

“Designed to flow and be influenced by the dynamism of change, the essence of ‘Per sē’ remains in constant lines. Just as time never stops, neither does ‘Per sē’.”

It is no coincidence that, in creating it, Shyamala Maisondieu wanted to “capture the very essence of the present moment” as time is another element that plays a role within a scent’s life by inviting, enchanting and evoking the present in all its multifaceted grandeur. Born to an Indian father and Malaysian mother, her multicultural upbringing in Asia was later enriched by European influences. An embodiment of diversity, Shyamala’s passions range from photography and piano to languages, calligraphy, and yoga, these diverse interests seep into her worldwide award-winning creations, making them as multifaceted and radiant as she is.

‘Per sē’ evokes a symphony of chromatic elegance by a combination of  a floral bouquet, lily butter and violet leaves that allow themselves to be imbued with clean aldehydes, bamboo and a pinch of hot pepper. A subtle touch of ambrette seeds, angelica roots and soft musk complete the incomplete experience of the sensory now.