A’MIGALHADA – Studio Ødegaard

The Art of Sharing Thoughts and Bringing People Together Around a Table

Quietly set in the heart of Lisbon’s thrilling Príncipe Real neighbourhood, Peter Ødegaard’s home away from home is a sight for sore eyes.

Between the Rocks

Casa Pedregal

When Barragán first walked into El Pedregal, a barren land of volcanic rocks in the suburbs of Mexico City, a utopia came to mind.

Casa Mãe

Creative Escape

Creative souls combined their talents in the genesis of Casa Mãe and today it reflects the best of modern Portugal - handcrafted, sustainable and with a simple, tranquil beauty.

Breaking the boundaries of convention

Solo Office

Ideas are intangible; they have led us to design cities and establish ways of life from the beginning of time. They have no boundaries, and those which we attribute to them are often artifices that we imposed upon ourselves, so long ago that our minds have forgotten.

Nature’s palette

Dining with Alexandre Gauthier

Just two hours from Paris an elegant sixteenth century farmhouse awaits you, laying on the edge of a quiet river lined with aromatic plants and centenarian trees.

Solo Houses

Building houses with Christian Bourdais

We drove for two hours through the grape vines that surround either side of the highway down to Tarragona, ascending the the mountain range and the Parc Natural Els Ports.

Casa Helsinki

A home from home

After months dealing with fear of the new and the unknown, I decided to allocate the spare room I had at home to accommodating travellers in my hometown, Córdoba.

Masseria Moroseta

New traditions

Sharing the local traditions and Italian passion for simple living and quality of life.