Casa Mãe

Creative Escape

Written by Trish Lorenz
Photographed by Ruben Guerreiro

Creative souls combined their talents in the genesis of Casa Mãe and today it reflects the best of modern Portugal – handcrafted, sustainable and with a simple, tranquil beauty. And the collaborative spirit lives on through workshops and residencies designed to share artistic flair with guests, locals and friends.

There’s something summery & sensuous about this place that stays with you long after being back home: is it the feeling of the warm terracotta floors beneath the feet? the vivid scent of figs, oranges & herbs coming off the garden? the tropicality of the lush palm trees standing out against the immaculate cloudless blue skies? Or is it just this amazing iodized air you breathe while slowly swinging in one of the hotel’s gorgeous white cotton hammocks, unwinding to the sound of the hotel’s relaxing playlist?. If I think about it, I guess that what actually makes Casa Mãe so special is the house itself – an open soul bustling southern sensuality & positive energy.

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