A Collection of Precise Proportions

Written by Inma Buendía
Brand Story for Expormim

In furniture-making, reliability is synonymous with careful craftsmanship and a receptiveness to new ideas. Expormim is one of those companies that uphold artisanal workmanship while also seeking out designers who share the same values. The Nido collection was inspired by a desire to explore new materials evocative of rattan–that wickerwork rooted in the brand’s DNA. With a framework made up of randomly arranged tubes and rods and a design with a strong potential for interplay, Nido can be dressed up in a wide variety of upholstery fabrics and other elements, just like a blank canvas that can be adapted to fit in with every individual living space where it will gracefully age.

A sober collection, just as its designer Javier Pastor also admits himself to be, the aim was to achieve a balance between restfulness and stylish elegance, in the precise proportions that he seeks to attain in each and every one of his projects.
Javier conjures up the classic traditions of careful craftsmanship, where furniture is not built but lovingly brought to life so that none of its very essence is relinquished.

Nido collection was founded on timeless design ethics which it is now growing towards a twofold indoors-outdoors use.The designer takes an artistic approach to his work, thanks to his training in Fine Arts and a love of handcrafted products inherited from his cabinet-maker grandfather. The style and beauty of Italy, where he travelled after he graduated in the late 1990s, awoke these deep-rooted seeds and turned his attention to design, not just as a discipline but also as a form of cultural expression. Having set his sights on a profession with global design connections, he specialized in project management and embarked on a career in which he helps companies and other bodies to develop their own personal language. His ties with Expormim go back a decade, during which time he has accompanied this Valencia-based company to align and consolidate its design culture in tune with its almost fifty-year family-driven history.