Kettle’s Yard

A Way of Love

An ideal introduction to the Visual Arts where a pebble is treated the same way as a Brâncuși sculpture. Whilst the gallery space was created with a young audience in mind, it is open to anybody who’d like to appreciate a harmonious collection of found objects and British Modern art.

Usually, undergraduates and visitors were invited in the afternoon to ring the bell of Kettle’s Yard by pulling a fishing-net cork on the end of a rope just outside the main front door of the house – to which Jim Ede would likely answer after closing the lid to his Queen Anne bureau (bought when he was twelve years old). He would then write down the names of his guests on a card to later register them all in a book. In 1964, when responding to a thank you letter received from a student, Jim Ede ended his own reply note with: ‘Do come in as often as you like – the place is only alive when used’.


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