House of Toogood

Faye Toogood

House of Toogood resides on a once neglected corner plot, where now this home has taken root as a place of nurturing under the care of a very special design family. Found on one of the few remaining residential houses on Red-church Street, East London, the house marks a pivotal moment of growth and expansion for the Toogood sisters.
Written by Reemé Idris
Photographed by Stefano Carnelli

Faye and Erica extend a warm embrace to their community of friends, artists, and designers in a dedicated area that constantly shifts with changing displays of work, not only their own.

I’m at the kitchen table where Faye began the eponymous product design studio almost ten years ago. The latest Toogood collection invitingly lines the walls. The atelier and the design floor are upstairs, forming a layered feedback loop between disciplines. Faye and Erica wanted people to move around throughout the house. “We probably all, in that slightly obsessive way, find our own way of working individually. Whether that’s fitting around the house and finding different places to sit, or whether it’s always in the same spot.”


In what is perhaps Faye’s most generous offering yet, this three story space doubles as a studio and a rhythmic response to the community that engages it, devoid of competition or ego. The gentle nature of the Toogood world breathes calm into this East London epicentre, welcoming a deeper and ongoing exchange. “The whole team is here when people come in, they also feel really proud to be there wearing Toogood clothing. They might be a product de- signer, or part of the interiors team, but its all one thing.”

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