Let's Celebrate This Time of the Year

It is the most significant time of the year and we would like to celebrate it with you.


A Recomposition of Place

In the Yucatán Peninsula of southeastern Mexico, an age-old hacienda sits hidden within the confines of the sprawling jungle.

Maniera & Studio Mumbai

Beyond the Usual Practice

Maniera gallery commissioned Studio Mumbai to develop furniture and objects for use offering them an excursion beyond their usual practice.

Studio IMA

Presence and Present

Bettina has reinvented the concept of a showroom: IMA is a mix of a cultural venue, art gallery and design studio located in her apartment home in Mexico City.

Keeping Toward the Light

At Potter's House

Talking with Luciano is itself like being in a garden; there are points that catch one’s imagination and vibrant connections; afterwards, ideas continue to grow.


Touch Ceramics

For Enric Mestre, ceramics allow him to delve into three essential dimensions: colour, shape and texture.

Perception and Change


After spending so much time focused on international artists, we need to look at our local resources—at our own community.

Respite, Connect and Escape

At this moment we can take time to reflect on what it is to be home, to take care of our loved ones, and to really appreciate what we have.

Creative Projects by Openhouse
Openhouse Studio specializes in creative projects bearing the message of each brand in a comprehensive and unique way through art direction and interior design.
Mendi Argia - Architecture, Interior Design, Photography and Narrative
Creative Projects by Openhouse
We generate significant content for brands by developing art events, photography, writing and video.
A. Lange & Söhne - Concept, Photography & Video
Creative Projects by Openhouse
Openhouse values ethics and authenticity, as reflected in our brand partners, project selections and creative presentations.
A. Lange & Söhne - Concept, Photography & Video
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