Quality, perfection & timeless elegance

Written by Inma Buendía

There is a way of working based on the principles of excellence and perfection, which for many years we knew by the name of trade. It is a work ethic closely linked to craftsmanship, often referred to as know-how, a type of knowledge that can only be acquired through experience and wholehearted devotion to a practice. This commitment to tradition is at the heart of Expormim, whose focus on handmade goods has made this Valencian company a paradigm of quality. The artisans give careful attention to each piece they create, apparent in their detailed focus on weaving products that are intended to last.

Expormim have developed a collection of unique creations with timeless elegance, never undermined by their functional aims. The search for new materials that can adapt to the aesthetic rules of rattan is unwavering, and each piece is a collaboration with the leading names in de- sign. The synergy between comfort and sophistication can be seen in the Frames chair by Jaime Hayon and the Gata chair designed by Miquel and Gonzalo Milá.

Evading the dictates of fashion, Expormim upholds a Mediterranean entrepreneurial spirit – the very spirit that led Miguel Laso Tortosa to start up his rattan export company, La Exportadora del Mimbre, in 1960. The firm’s close- knit staff undertake a tireless search for innovation, and showcase the extraordinary skill of their artisans. They are proof that contemporary design can and must support the values of quality, ethics, and sustainability