A Rhythmic Dynamic Dance

Teixidors + Faye Toogood

Written by Inma Buendía
Brand Story for Teixidors

Faye Toogood’s new collection for Teixidors is based on a unique mix of structures, proportions and finer details. Criss-Cross 3, 2, 1 is the name of this bold series of three blankets, featuring a combination of three different textures and colours that elevates each of them to the ranks of a work of art. This is endorsed by the 2019 ICFF Constellation Award from Contract Magazine and the collection’s nomination for the Deezen Awards of the same year.


The blankets stand out for their amazing sculptural balance, demonstrating a profound respect for tradition and for nature, guided by the British designer’s superb intuitive skill and incisive vision. In a keen bid to highlight the qualities that set Teixidors apart from other rival companies, Faye Toogood has incorporated a characteristic feature of this Catalan company into Cross-Cross 3, 2, 1: appliqué cord. This is used at different points, in varying thicknesses, colours and cadences. It forms a distinctive border, finished off with colours and threads that complement and contrast one another in a rhythmic dynamic dance.

With Criss-Cross 3, 2, 1, Faye Toogood pays tribute to Teixidors’s expertise in the design and hand weave, highlighting the virtues that make them so unique. All the designs of the Catalan brand are handmade by its team: artisans and manufacturing experts specializing in a raw material whose rough-hewn irregularities form part of an exquisitely flawed handcrafted process