I met the Rocha boys and then Graciela, their mother, the famous Mexican photographer in the intellectual and artistic sphere in Mexico City. More than being a famous and virtuosic photographer, for me, Graciela is a muse who is always on the move, an explorer of strong, vivid images that she pulls from any context upon which her eye happens to fall.

The influences of his parents, Graciela Iturbide and the architect Manuel Rocha Díaz, sparked the development of Mauricio’s artistic eye and new aesthetic sense. With his diverse offerings, he has put a twist on architecture in Mexico. More than his own style, what Rocha has is a more plastic, sculptural conception of architecture.

CREATIVE DIRECTION by Fabián Martínez and Borja V. Conde.
DIRECTED by Fabián Martínez.
EDITION & COLOR by Daniel C. Ortiz & Clara Monera.
INTERVIEW by Claudia Fernández.
PRODUCED by Openhouse magazine.