Thread, Senegal

Threading Cultural Bridges

Written by Lucy Baluteig
Photographed by Yanina Shevchenko

With the ambitious idea to nourish the local community’s empowerment possibilities through art & culture, Thread was set up as a dynamic artist residency program where International and Senegalese artists can meet, exchange, create and co-work with the villagers producing some rare creative energy driven towards utilitarian needs.

Sinthian, a remote Senegalese village seven hours drive southeast of Dakar: this is where Thread’s stunning architectural award-winner building stands on the arid land adjacent to the local soccer field. The Joseph & Anni Albers Fundation behind the project chose this village as the result of a previously strong relationship with the local community: a hub of twelve villages from the Tambacunda region where Dr Ba -a Senegalese doctor and local leader- spent the past decade expanding access to healthcare and education.


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