MOR Design

3 days of design
Photographed by Mari Luz Vidal
Written by Inma Buendía
On behalf of Openhouse Studio

In the extraordinary path we have been through since 2014, unique brands such as MOR Design have joined us. Openhouse decided to celebrate their contribution by dressing with their most beautiful pieces a new ‘open house’ during 3 Days of Design. 

Located in the center of Copenhagen, the house was a relaxed place open all day where we hold a series of talks with the designers behind the iconic pieces dressing our place.

The house was open for three days where visitors attended talks and spent time in our living room while reading the last Edition of the magazine.


Last edition of 3 Days of Design was a special one for the brand MOR Design, for Openhouse Studio and for the partnership we both have built together.


MOR Design is a Portuguese brand that aims to become a leading international name in the design of furniture, lighting accessories and décor through the creation of elegant, long-lasting products. Openhouse introduced this daring, elegant company not only to press and business teams of 3 Days of Design, but to all the like minded people visiting and living in Copenhagen during the event.


In Openhouse we believe in opening doors, in welcoming and sharing what we have and what we do. In every step we take, we reflect the values we are guided by: tradition, identity, nature and community. Through these meaningful bonds, we share our love for artarchitecture and design.

"In Openhouse we believe in opening doors, in welcoming and sharing what we have and what we do."

With the aim of displaying all the pieces of MOR Design in the most cosy and realistic way, Openhouse Studio dressed an apartment with the
brand new pieces of the brand that, together with the contribution of nanimarquina, Aure Studio and Frama, looked as if it were in an authentic home.


We had a very special time with the people visiting our Danish ‘open house’ thanks to the beautiful environment created by the iconic pieces designed by Pedro SottomayorHugo PassosJulien RenaultDepping & JørgensenDaniel Schofield, Álvaro Siza, Marta Cruz and Keiji Takeuchi. To know more about their creative process, Openhouse team hosted talks between Rikard Lind, writer and editor and some of them. Interesting encounters and meetings about creativity and design.