It was a beautiful sunny Saturday morning when we all met at the gates to La Ricarda. Andrew and MariLuz from Openhouse along with Collage Studio greeted everyone and took them around to the gardens for a welcome drink of cider and Linda Lemonade with a special home made scotch egg. Marita, Beatriz and Susana, then gave a tour of the wonderful house, designed by Antonio Bonet, where they grew up as children. While the tour was in progress the guys from the Rooftop Smokehouse, with the help of Anna, where working hard in the kitchen and with their smoking barrel and barbecue. From England, Spain and the Tirol, the trio began in 2013 on their rooftop preparing locally sourced produce using a smoker and wine barrels, which they change every few months to retain the flavours, to create a whole new gastronomic experience, not common here in Spain. As the tour came to the end, the wine from Viña Zorzal came out and we all sat down to a delicious starter picnic of smoked duck and home made pie, while we watched them barbecuing the mussels and smoking the mackerel, with local vegetables from El huerto de la Casita.. Cloud Street Bakery, provided us with artisan organic stone milled sourdough breads made in Barcelona’s oldest wood fired oven and when everything was ready we sat down at the table to savour everything, set on Variopinte enamelled plates and dishes, a modern twist of the traditional picnic wear. We finished the meal with a handmade chocolate “elastico” by Miquel Coulibaly, tea by Riera Rabassa and artisan beer by Barcino Brewers.
The table and house were decorated in an autochthonous way by Estudio Sauvage, collecting everything from the grounds of La Ricarda, and we sat on cushions by La Variete. And we were all treaded to an artisan notebook with dried flower and menu by Octaevo.

Film by MariLuz Vidal & Taida Martinez.
Edit by Victor Subirana.