Jay Vosoghi, founder of R+D.LAB, contacted Openhouse Studio to reinforce the message of the Italian brand through a visual narrative in which objects are presented in wider contexts.

Our team, lead by Mari Luz Vidal, managed the production by building a whole universe around the new collection in several ways with the aim of showing the dialogue between R+D.LAB pieces and the intimacy of a person in a private space. Ana Cuba, usual collaborator of the brand, photographed the product in a home setting developed together in collaboration with Jay Vosoghi and Clara Quintana Studio.

All the imaginery created in the shooting was the raw material to design the catalogue of R+D.LAB new collection. Openhouse magazine team not only designed it but also supervised the printing process in Barcelona, from where, once ready, it was sent to R+D.LAB.

See the complete work done by Openhouse Studio here.

“In this campaign, we wanted to evolve, not only showing a person as a scale reference for a product, but a setting that transports you somewhere, with the creation of a certain atmospheric feel through the sensation of light and the broader domestic backdrop.”
Jay Vosoghi

Brand building project for R+D.LAB
Creative direction and production by MARI LUZ VIDAL on behalf of OPENHOUSE STUDIO
Art direction by R+D.LAB and CLARA QUINTANA STUDIO
Photograph by ANA CUBA
Styling by AINA CARAFÍ
Film edition by CHERRY COLA
Film colour by LITA BOSCH