This is the first of a series of visual essays, produced to accompany each edition of Openhouse.

Each film will focus on a particular building or subject from the magazine. This video “AROUND THE BEEHIVE” was produced for the 8th edition, bringing a new approach to narrative, using a cinematic style to capture the beauty of Solo Office in Aragón.

We meet Christian Bourdais and Eva Albarrán to speak about the approach of Office KGDVS and their feelings about the building, while we take a tour through the house with them.

Office KGDVS studio designed the house shaped as a circle with a total surface area of 1600 m2, questioning the actual definition of makes a house and the boundaries between nature and human intervention since the house is not in the forest, but living with it, respecting and highlighting its best attributes.

Solo Office is the second house within the Solo Houses project. Christian and Eva give carte blanche to young talents of the contemporary architectural scene to create unique houses, to form an architectural collection, to experience and be part of the surrounding nature.

Directed by Pol González
Produced by White Horse & Folch Studio for Openhouse.