Aesop Corso Magenta by Dimorestudio

The aim of this commission was to learn about the meticulous and precise design work behind every Aesop store in the world.

In order to achieve it, Openhouse studio chose the shop designed by Dimorestudio in Milan as a case to study. We met Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci in their gallery as we portraited their studio and the shop. Located in Milan, not far from Aesop store, the space that once was their home-studio became the scenario of an interview in which we got the opportunity of learning about their methodology, yearnings and goals. An enriching conversation that resulted in a film, photographs and a story for Aesop.

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Concept and production by Openhouse Studio.
Creative direction by Mariluz Vidal and Clara Quintana.
Photographed by Mariluz Vidal.
Produccion assitance by Lucia Padró.
Written by Giulia Bortoluzzi.
Video directed by Martí Herrera.
Edited by Clara Monera.
Music by Thom Pringle.