ethimo design


Roots in the distant past

Brand Story for ETHIMO

Founded in 2009, Ethimo design is a company with a family imprint with a great passion for gardens which in just a few years, has become a benchmark name on the international market of top-end outdoor furnishings thanks to products that have simple yet elegant, understated yet appealing style.

The newest design of the italian brand is called Hut, a welcoming and comfortable nest, where you can relax in harmony with nature designed by Marco Lavit. This wellbeing project with a contemporary and eco friendly soul has no restrictions on the ground, it can be moved and customized with an elegant curtain, which allows you to ‘close’ the nest, ensuring a constant and pleasant passage of air and protecting from direct sunlight. 


The Ethimo collection is inspired by sunshine, the intense colours of nature, the power of Mediterranean landscapes and, at the same time, a balanced sense of beauty, simplicity and harmony, found throughout each collection designed for outdoor use.

Ethimo is the brilliant creative company that today takes “Italian Style for outdoor living” into the world.

Tables, chairs, benches and sun umbrellas were devised to furnish the different areas in the park, drawing their inspiration from the colours of the peonies and soon becoming elegant, refined articles, elements that enhance their surroundings, tools that help man to contemplate the beauty of vegetation. These were the foundations for the birth of Ethimo, the brilliant creative company that today takes “Italian Style for outdoor living” into the world, furnishing gardens, parks and outdoor areas with a range of articles that are elegant and understated, cheerful yet refined.


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