A Salon to Call Home

Nes Creative

Where does work life end and home life begin? For Natalie Shirinian and Elizabeth Baudouin – partners in business and life – there is no answer. The personal and professional are one and the same in their New York loft, which doubles as a space to showcase the work of the artists and designers they represent through their agency, NES Creative.
Wriiten by Luke Tebbutt
Photographed by Chris Mottalini

“Our coffee dates with a mutual friend overlapped. I was wearing a Led Zeppelin T-shirt and she walked in all perfect, and I was like ‘Oh my God, who is this?’ But Natalie was taken at the time, so nothing happened for a few months,” she says, leaning against a wall in their loft apartment, where they are hosting a party for friends and designers they work with.

“I’ll never forget the night. It was a Sunday, 9pm. I was living in Los Feliz, reading the New Yorker, and our mutual friend sent a text message saying ‘Natalie and her girlfriend broke up. She wants to hang out in a group.’ I was like ‘Make it happen!’”

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